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Whose Life is it Anyway!?

Often stress and anxiety is created in our lives by what we think we SHOULD be doing, that we are not. Many of us try to live up to the expectations of others, what everyone expects from us. For example – everyone expects you to have your act together and not slip up, so the prospect of making a mistake or being less than what is expected becomes almost unbearable! It creates stress and anxiety even though it has not come to pass. It becomes part of an underlying modality of behavior and can be the basis from which you approach your daily life! This is an example of not being PRESENT IN NOW. The body is experiencing the emotion your mind has created through the thoughts (feelings) that you are thinking. That is AMAZING!!! Try it – pay attention to when your body experiences and emotion, and ask yourself – is something actually happening RIGHT NOW? or is it an emotion based on a projection of the future? Even if it is inevitable – it is still not actually NOW.

Custom Resume Writing Nz This same principle works the other way as well, with good things you want in your life. It seems that we are mostly better versed and the negative experience however… let’s get good at the other way! Thats my challenge to you – let me know what you think!

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