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Jul 10

Intention is key and ACTION brings results

Have you ever put a plan on paper and forgotten about it, only to find out later that things have kind of been chugging along without you? It’s true – sometimes all you need to do is put your intention to work and things will start falling into place. But dont think that because it …

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Nov 13

Whose Life is it Anyway!?

Often stress and anxiety is created in our lives by what we think we SHOULD be doing, that we are not. Many of us try to live up to the expectations of others, what everyone expects from us. For example – everyone expects you to have your act together and not slip up, so the …

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Sep 17

Redefining – The Moment of Change

The moment of change begins with a definition. You define what you want and begin the creative process. You Conceive, Create, Form, and Express – your ideas.  We all define each and every aspect of our lives in ways that enhance or limit our capabilities. Many people will define purpose in their lives as the job they perform …

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Jul 23

New Beginnings With Old States Of Mind

Recently I experienced a real loss in my life. A long term relationship ended, amicably though not without feelings of grief and some resentment on my part. I know that it will pass as soon as I redefine myself in a new way – as a single man – but in the mean time I will try my …

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Jul 04

Redefine Creativity

We all bring a personal element into whatever we do – even if we don’t consider or believe we are creative, just the fact that it is our own personal element IS the point! Whether it is only manifest in our thoughts or as expression it still exists somewhere. This is a great point of mis-understanding where …

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