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Manifest Destiny: How the stories we tell ourselves shape our lives the best custom writing service Hello everyone! It is time to let you all know that at the end of the January my book, “Manifest Destiny: How the stories we tell ourselves shape our lives,” will be on the shelves, in print and available on Amazon. Soon after, there will be an audio book version as well as a kindle version also …

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Intention is key and ACTION brings results

Research Paper On Service Industry Have you ever put a plan on paper and forgotten about it, only to find out later that things have kind of been chugging along without you? It’s true – sometimes all you need to do is put your intention to work and things will start falling into place. But dont think that because it …

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Mar 09

Do you really want it?

Have you ever said you wanted something, only to discover that it may be too difficult or you don’t feel you have what it takes to get it, or worse yet, you get it and realize only later that you never really wanted it! This is not unusual is it? You have probably done it yourself and certainly …

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