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Mar 09

Do you really want it?

Have you ever said you wanted something, only to discover that it may be too difficult or you don’t feel you have what it takes to get it, or worse yet, you get it and realize only later that you never really wanted it! This is not unusual is it? You have probably done it yourself and certainly …

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Dec 31

Do you have EX-partner disease?

Have you just recently ended a long term relationship? If so, you probably have Ex-Partner Disease. Don’t be alarmed, it’s not as bad as it sounds. While this term may have far worse implications, if you have been reading my blogs I’m sure you have learned that CLARITY is key here. So here’s what I mean …

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Dec 03

That nagging feeling…

How many of you know what I mean by ‘that nagging feeling’? You know – the one that just creeps up on you and suddenly you start feeling as if your life has taken a wrong turn… I get this feeling sometimes. Often it is the first step on what I call an E-motional Pathway in …

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Nov 22

What is taking up your airwaves?

Our minds fill up quickly with thoughts. We don’t even have to do anything, we just think – like digesting or breathing, it just happens! What if your mind was like a network television station? What shows/programs do you have running on the air? Are they programs that get good ratings? Do they help you? …

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Nov 13

Whose Life is it Anyway!?

Often stress and anxiety is created in our lives by what we think we SHOULD be doing, that we are not. Many of us try to live up to the expectations of others, what everyone expects from us. For example – everyone expects you to have your act together and not slip up, so the …

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Sep 17

Redefining – The Moment of Change

The moment of change begins with a definition. You define what you want and begin the creative process. You Conceive, Create, Form, and Express – your ideas.  We all define each and every aspect of our lives in ways that enhance or limit our capabilities. Many people will define purpose in their lives as the job they perform …

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Aug 25

Once upon a time…

If only all of the “stories” we told ourselves in our lives began like that, then maybe we would know they were just stories and that they were subject to new perspectives and change. More often than any of us wants to admit, we tell ourselves stories. Those stories cause us to think and feel – and …

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