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Apr 19

Catharsis or Constipation?

Catharsis is an old word. I don’t really hear anyone using it anymore. But what a great word it is! Indeed! If you REALLY want to charge up your life try this on for size… Our dictionary defines these words as follows: Catharsis: 1. the purging of the emotions or relieving of emotional tensions, esp. through …

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Feb 07

Book Release

Please visit the following secure link to purchase my new book, “Manifest Destiny: How the stories we tell ourselves shape our lives,” retailing for only $14.95! Be sure to check in soon for the kindle version, as well as the audio version which will be available as an mp3 download. What’s your story? How …

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Jan 20

Manifest Destiny: How the stories we tell ourselves shape our lives

Hello everyone! It is time to let you all know that at the end of the January my book, “Manifest Destiny: How the stories we tell ourselves shape our lives,” will be on the shelves, in print and available on Amazon. Soon after, there will be an audio book version as well as a kindle version also …

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Jul 10

Intention is key and ACTION brings results

Have you ever put a plan on paper and forgotten about it, only to find out later that things have kind of been chugging along without you? It’s true – sometimes all you need to do is put your intention to work and things will start falling into place. But dont think that because it …

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Dec 31

Do you have EX-partner disease?

Have you just recently ended a long term relationship? If so, you probably have Ex-Partner Disease. Don’t be alarmed, it’s not as bad as it sounds. While this term may have far worse implications, if you have been reading my blogs I’m sure you have learned that CLARITY is key here. So here’s what I mean …

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Dec 03

That nagging feeling…

How many of you know what I mean by ‘that nagging feeling’? You know – the one that just creeps up on you and suddenly you start feeling as if your life has taken a wrong turn… I get this feeling sometimes. Often it is the first step on what I call an E-motional Pathway in …

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Nov 22

What is taking up your airwaves?

Our minds fill up quickly with thoughts. We don’t even have to do anything, we just think – like digesting or breathing, it just happens! What if your mind was like a network television station? What shows/programs do you have running on the air? Are they programs that get good ratings? Do they help you? …

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